Well, we've all heard of missing dogs and cats, but how about a missing donkey? Michigan state police were looking for a donkey that broke out of its pen. Chloe the Donkey went on the lam from Buckhorn Road in Rose Township but has now been found and is safely back home.

Chloe wasn't alone during her great escape. Her fellow escapee was (I am not kidding) a horse. You won't have a chance to see the dynamic duo now that they've both been found, but can you imagine how wild it would have been to see the two of them together just strolling down the road?

I've seen some crazy things while driving, so I probably wouldn't have been fazed. I remember seeing what I thought was a 20 pound rat while driving as a young man and later found out it was just a possum.

What's the craziest thing you have ever seen while driving? I once heard of a 13 foot python getting loose in a residential neighborhood. Now that would actually freak me out. Snakes to me me are the absolute worst. Can you imagine that little critter snuggling up to you in bed one night? Now that's a nightmare waiting to happen.

If you want to read more about Chloe's great escape and eventual return home, check out this article from The Detroit News.

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