Okay, show of hands here...who has ever shopped or at least purchased one item from Dollar General?

I know that I have in the past but I forget what the items were. I'm not that great of a shopper in any store because I know what I'm going for and I basically run in and out. What I do know about Dollar General is that there has always been a lot of people in there shopping and as the name implies, you can get a lot of items and not have to pay a lot for them.

This may be the very reason that they are doing so well. In fact, according to WNEM-TV 5, Dollar General will be opening 1,000 new stores in 2020. This is a unique situation because as we all know and have seen, a lot of what they call "brick and mortar retailers" (places that you have to go to and shop) are closing due to sales moving to the internet.

Get more info here on the Dollar General boom from the WNEM-TV 5 website.

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