We've all heard the story about the message in the bottle. Someone puts a message in a bottle and it finds its way someplace around the world. Or of course something you thought was lost forever turns up or is found later. Like a woman finding her wedding ring many years later by some miracle.

Here's a great story with a happy ending according to The Daily News. A Kentucky dog that was taken from her owner 3 years ago was found over 400 miles way in Northern Michigan. The dog named Callie vanished after burglars broke into a Hopkinsville, Kentucky home in December 2017.

Callie's owner never gave up looking for her. He was always checking to see if she was found. Then, a good thing happened on September 17th. Animal control in Cass County, Michigan received a call about a wandering dog near the state’s border. After following the dog, they took her back to the office and found a microchip. It turns out it was Callie from the wonderful state of Kentucky. Someone from animal control said this was the first time they'd ever seen this happen.

Callie was in good health and great condition and was obviously taken care of and fed well, which is great news. The owner must have been so overwhelmed when the call came in.

I can recall many great animal happy ending stories over the years. Do you have a favorite? Please share.

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