Soon (just not now) you'll be able to have a digital license plate on the back of your car or truck - right here in Michigan. According to the Verge, Michigan joins California and Arizona as the only states right now where they're legal. Only problem? You'll have to wait a few months until they make them. You can't pick them up at one of the Secretary of State's office - you have to order one through a company called Reviver Auto.

For $499 for the basic version or $799 for the premium version.

Plus $7 a month subscription fees.

And some unknown installation fee.

BUT, when you have one, your license plate number will appear on a small monitor on the back of your car and your car can broadcast messages like, "Hey - I'm stolen! Call somebody!" (It won't be exactly THAT message, but it will alert everybody when your car is stolen. Until they smash up your fancy digital license plate.)



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