UPDATE: The lion costume has been recovered. (Yay!!) Still looking for the monkey costume.

Let’s face it, we all make mistakes. Some of those mistakes are small and some aren’t so small. This mistake? Well, it’s fixable if we can all help spread the word.

Over the weekend I saw a post on social media that was posted by a mom that was asking for some help in getting some items back that were mistakenly sold at a garage sale. They happened to be some Halloween costumes that had a lot of sentimental value to them. Here's what Kristi Bernhardt originally posted on Facebook:

My husband accidentally sold 2 of my kids Halloween costumes that have very sentimental value to me at our garage sale this week. A Lion Toddler size and A Monkey, baby size. We live on Sanborn Dr in Dewitt. If you happen to have purchased them, I would really love the opportunity to buy them back from you. I am pretty sad this happened. Please PM me. Thanks Mamas!!!

I reached out to Kristi to find out more about the special costumes and here’s what she told me. “The Monkey Costume was our son’s first Halloween. He let me drag him around getting all sorts of pictures. I even took him to JC Penny to get the good shots. He welled up with tears when some stranger wanted him to take pictures of him. The Lion costume is super special as well. My husband had no idea he was selling these special items and somehow they were mixed up in a bin of items I did want to sell. I am willing to pay whoever bought them from us and will travel to pick them up. It’s hard enough letting go of the baby phase of life and I am heartbroken these items are gone.”

If you, or someone you know, recently went to some garage sales in the DeWitt area, please ask them if they happened to purchase these costumes. Kristi is desperate to get them back and I really hope that we can make that happen. If you know anything about these Halloween costumes, please contact Kristi ASAP. She can be reached at Kristi.Bernhardt5880@gmail.com and 517-256-6731.

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