Halloween is right around the corner. Have you or your kids picked out your Halloween costumes yet? Halloween is my favorite holiday, but you probably couldn't tell from that picture of me and my childhood best friend. I swear it is, though! I pretty much plan my costume out a year in advance. I know, seems a little ridiculous, but I take this holiday seriously. Last year I was Cruella de Vil and this year it's Wednesday Addams. I just think it's fun that you get to be anyone you want for a day.

Some of the most popular Halloween costumes for kids are a princess, Spider-Man, cat, Batman and pumpkins. The most popular adult costumes are witch, vampire, pirate, nurse and Batman. And of course we can't forget about our furry friends, popular pet costumes are pumpkin, hot dog, witch, ghost and superhero.

Are you looking to turn heads and break free from the norm? Check out some of these Michigan themed Halloween costumes!

5 Michigan Themed Halloween Costumes

I gave you plenty of ideas to work with here, so you have no excuse not to dress up for Halloween this year! Even if you plan on sitting on your couch and doing nothing, you can still do it for the 'gram. No shame in that game.

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