Here's your big chance to play for the Detroit Tigers.

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According to, on March 9th, at Tiger Town in Lakeland, Florida, the Tigers are holding their annual tryouts. HOWEVER - before you get too excited - there are some conditions.

The Tigers know that the term "tryouts" might bring everybody who ever played T-ball out to Tiger Town, so they are limiting the participants. The Tigers say they are ONLY "looking for players between the ages of 18 and 23 or players who have previous playing experience with a Major League organization". (Actually, you'd be surprised how many people have some level of pro baseball experience)

Registration begins at 8 a.m with the tryouts starting at 9 a.m. Come dressed to play and bring your glove - everything else will be provided.

And - read this carefully - when you make the team and you're playing in Comerica Park - I'd like to sit somewhere on the third base side - not too low. Thank you and good luck.


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