A collaboration we didn't know we needed, Detroit Frankie's Wood Fired Brick Oven and Good Truckin' Diner. Owner of Detroit Frankie's, Frank Tiganelli is teaming up with Good Truckin' owner Nick Sinicropi to open an eatery here in Lansing.

The restaurant will be located at 3135 S. Pennsylvania Avenue which was previously a food mart and convenience store. Instead of serving the traditional wood-fired pizza, Tiganelli will be making Detroit-style pizza. Along with the option to buy pasta, dough, sauce, and other items for you to cook at home.

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Tiganelli grew up in Detroit and when he and his business partner, Igor Jurkovic, came across this location in Lansing, he felt a bit nostalgic.

It kind of reminds me of where I grew up in Detroit. It’s an older neighborhood but a nice neighborhood. I want something like the old days. I kind of picture it as an old Italian market, a specialty store where people who want to make pizza can buy dough and sauce.

Sinicropi isn't sure what items he'll be bringing to the new location, but it will include items customers are already familiar with.

This may be the first time Tiganelli and Sinicropi are teaming up to open their own place, but it isn't the first time they've worked together in Lansing. In previous years, they operated food trucks in the same lot together. Sinicropi says he was excited about a new opportunity when Tiganelli and Jurkovic approached him about getting into business together.

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