I've been playing Words With Friends for a quite awhile now. Am I any good? Not really. I mean I win a game here and there, but I'm certainly not beating my opponents by a ton of points. It does, however, help me kill some spare time and I do think it's a lot of fun. Anyway, if you happen to play Words With Friends, you'll want to know that recently there was a massive data breach involving player account information.

According to a report from CBS News, over 200 million players of Words with Friends and Draw Something had some of their information stolen. The report says that the breach "exposed users' names, email addresses, login IDs, some Facebook IDs, some phone numbers and Zynga account IDs." Zynga, the maker of the mobile games, posted a player security announcement about the possibility of the data breach back in mid-September. You can read that announcement by clicking here.

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