If you are the type of person who likes to hunt for the best deal, you might be sad to hear that Daily Dealz is closing its Lansing location.

Daily Dealz in Lansing is Closing

According to the Lansing State Journal, Daily Dealz is closing just a little over a year from when it opened.

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For those who don't know, Daily Dealz is a discount store that buys overstock items from places like Amazon and sells what they buy on the cheap. And, depending on which day of the week you went, you could get things like electronics, clothes, and more for as little as $1.

Although Daily Dealz offers goods at great discounts, it seems that wasn't enough to bring in enough business and get them to stick around at the Lansing Mall location.

Lansing Daily Dealz Moving

Daily Dealz announced on its Facebook page just yesterday (July 24th, 2023) that the Lansing location "will be moving".

Now, where it'll be moving, we have no idea. But in the meantime, there is another location, the original location, out in Flint on South Linden Road.

Daily Dealz is Having a Moving Sale This Week

If you want to take advantage of even deeper discounts than usual, Daily Dealz is having a moving sale before they close up shop.

The public will be able to shop on Friday 7/28, Saturday 7/29, and Sunday 7/30. If you shop on Friday, items will cost you $8, but you'll get to pick from the cream of the crop. If you can hold out until Sunday, items will only be $6, but things might be a bit picked over by then. Regardless, if you want to take advantage of deep discounts before they pack up and move out, check out Daily Dealz before this Sunday.

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