It's always great to give to charities, and we all have our favorites we give to each year. Two of the causes that I regularly donate toward are homelessness and cancer research. That being said, there are a many more causes that move me to dig in my wallet. It's always a good feeling to give back. I have always believed that whatever we give, we get back 10 times.

Here is a way to give back and have fun at the same time. This from 

Michigan State University College of Human Medicine officials announced the return of its non-competitive cycling event. On Sept. 18, 2021 the MSU Gran Fondo makes its return. This non-competitive cycling event raised more than $1M for MSU skin cancer awareness, prevention and research over its seven events and had a turnout of more than 2,000 riders from 20 different states in 2019.

You can find more info on the event at

What a great way to give back right here at MSU. Skin cancer is something we really need to be aware of and check in the mirror for regularly. Things to look for from are a firm red nodules, a scaly growth that bleeds or develops a crust, or a sore that doesn't heal. It most often occurs on the nose, forehead, ears, lower lip, hands, and other sun-exposed areas of the body. Skin cancer is very treatable if you catch it early. If you see any of this, you need to see a doctor asap.

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