You'd be amazed at the stuff people try to bring into Michigan - either on a flight into Detroit or at a border crossing from Canada.

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According to ClickOnDetroit, one of the weirder things they've stopped from coming in to Michigan was a khapra beetle. Khapra beetles are native to India and very destructive pests that feed on seeds and grain. (Just what we need in southern Michigan).  U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents discovered one last year among documents belonging to a Canadian resident who entered Michigan via the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron. A khapra beetle had never been seen at the U.S. northern border before. And what was this person doing with one of those in their paperwork? My guess? Emotional support bug.

Also found at the border or at the Detroit airport in the last fiscal year - 600 pounds of cocaine, 496 pounds of marijuana, 62 guns and $7.8 million in undeclared currency.

Not all at once. That would be Miami.

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