I’m really starting to wonder what is wrong with people. Have you heard the story about the couple in Minnesota that were hospitalized for smoke inhalation over the weekend because…wait for it…they tried to rescue their flat-screen TV from their BURNING apartment?!

The Pioneer Press reports firefighters found the couple in a room filled with smoke, trying to unhook their precious TV from the wall. Apparently, that’s when the firefighters convinced them to leave the television behind.

The blaze was quickly extinguished, but the apartment in the six-residence St. Paul building was damaged by both fire and water.

Now, here’s where I get a little worried…dare I ask is there anything in your house that you would try to rescue if it were ON FIRE?!?! (Please don’t ever do this…just asking...) I will admit that the only thing that I might try and save would be old photographs/photo albums.