Last year, on New Year's Day, the area around Pewamo and in fact, a large part of northeast Ionia County was rattled by a loud noise. It was a mystery until it was identified as a "frost quake". They're not dangerous (just loud). Frost quakes happen when there's moisture in the ground and the temperature drops rapidly. WOOD-TV described the process last year when they reported on Pewamo's frost quake. "As temperatures drop, the near surface ground expands and can produce small tremors."

I'm no Nostradamus and I have no meteorology degree or geology degree (I do have one semester of college, spent mostly at the radio station), but my sump pump has been running lately and it has been frigidly cold lately. Is there a frost quake coming?

I say, yes.

I know - it's a bold prediction. I also say it'll be the Rams by a touchdown on Sunday.

If this prediction works out, I'm sure to get a show on History Channel. Fingers crossed.

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