The rankings are in. I know you were breathlessly awaiting the results just like I was -

Gathered around the radio to hear the outcome (that didn't really happen)

Wondering when the President would announce the results (that was World War II)

Then, partying into the night while we drove around honking our horns (that's only for the Final Four)

Because Michigan has moved up four places in the 2019 "Best States" ranking!

According to The U.S. News & World Report, via ClickOnDetroit, we now rank #33 - up from #37 last year. Our rankings for "infrastructure" at #41 brought us down. Ohio is at #39 - up one sad place from last year's #40. So, we've increased our lead over our Buckeye neighbors.

Washington (close to Russia) and New Hampshire (site of the first 2020 Presidential primary) were ranked #1 and #2 respectively. (Clearly, some politics were involved - I'm KIDDING!)

Seriously? New Hampshire?

Here's the story. Don't get too wild out there.


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