Go ahead. Google "Iraqi Submarine Prowling Lake Michigan". That was a headline in the "Weekly World News" on October 22, 2002. This was five months before the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Sometime in 2003, based on this story, I asked Governor Jennifer Granholm about the possibility of Iraqi subs in Lake Michigan. She assured us that there were none. Now - I'm not so sure.

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Glen Mousseau, of Windsor, Ontario, made an initial appearance Friday in federal court to face drug possession, smuggling and immigration charges. According to the Detroit News, on May 10th he was stopped while driving a U-Haul truck on St. Clair Highway, north of Detroit.

During the traffic stop, deputies found a plastic bag containing $97,060 in U.S. cash. Mousseau said he didn't know anything about the package (People leave personal items in U-Hauls all the time, right?) But then Homeland Security showed up to chat and Glen admitted, "that he directs a smuggling organization that moves money and narcotics between Canada and the United States" He told the officers that he was looking for a place to smuggle the cash across the river in his "submersible watercraft". It must have been at this point that they pulled out a photo of a submarine seized by U.S. Border Patrol agents on April 23 from Zug Island and Glen admitted it was his.

Long story short, he talked enough and was about to give up more information about drug shipments, so the Feds put him up at the Baymont by Wyndham Flat Rock hotel. Until he walked out on May 22nd and they couldn't find him.

Well, they found him. After admitting all that and seemingly having turned a corner, Friday morning at 2:35 a.m., federal agents found Glen floating, unconscious, in the Detroit River. Attached by straps to 265 pounds of suspected bundles of marijuana. Unconscious - not dead. If only they hadn't found his submarine. He made his appearance in court sometime Friday and is scheduled for a detention hearing Tuesday

Next time you're walleye fishing in the Detroit River, watch out for the submarines.

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