Michigan has some unique scenery, landscapes and language. There are some things said in Michigan that might mean something entirely different in another state. Let's dive into the common phrases that mean something completely different in Michigan.

Michigan seems to be the only state that knows what Euchre is. Euchre sounds like a form of regurgitation but we all know it's a card game that you either love or hate. I didn't learn how to play euchre until my early 20's, I didn't want to learn the game. Once I learned how to play I was hooked.

I think each state speaks their own language. The things that New Yorkers say probably mean something completely different to Michiganders. Cement shoes mean the same thing no matter what state you're in. There are also words that are tied to the midwest and Michigan too. "Ope" is a good one.

Somtimes the things we say in Michigan may be considered innuendo. We can thank places like Bill Knapps for adding to the alure of our Michigan language. How many folks outside of Michigan don't really know what a "troll" is?

Let's explore some of the common phrases that might mean something completely different in Michigan. Thank you for your input, I put this together based on your responses on my FB page. Feel free to use this when explaining our unique Michigan language to visitors from out of state.

Common Phrases That Mean Something Completely Different in Michigan

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