Well there is no doubt that Christmas is going to be different this year.  Not only for family gatherings but for gift giving as well.  Many will struggle and not have the the funds that were available in previous years.  But that's ok. We all know that is not what Christmas is all about. I had 8 brothers and sisters growing up and there was not much extra for money for the holidays. So my Mom bought a lot of little wrapped gifts so we had plenty to open and we did not know the difference. Still some great memories.

A lot of families struggle financially, and the holidays can be extra tough. This always brings the question: how many gifts should Santa bring? Moms.com says,

This can be a hard situation because if Santa is magic, why can’t be bring everyone everything that they want. If they see their friend get that special gift that they asked for, it can make them feel like they were “bad” or that Santa “must not love them as much. This has caused a lot of parents to plead with others to have the expensive gifts be from mom and dad, and have Santa bring the smaller, more accessible gifts. This begs the question on how many gifts under the tree should actually be from the big man.

Hmm.  Maybe Santa is teaching us something this year. This is probably a good year to teach our kids what's really important over the holidays. Like family, friends, love and staying together in tough times. Like the song says, "Every Storm Runs Out of Rain."

How is Christmas going to be different in your house this year?

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