Camping. It’s always made a special race weekend at Michigan International Speedway even more so. Whether you’re getting together with friends for a party weekend or spending quality time with family, MIS has always been able and ready to accommodate you and your style of fun, recreation, and relaxation.

Over the years, I’ve seen and experienced some pretty cool things at MIS campsites. Everything from old converted school buses with slick paint jobs, awnings, and even party decks on top to large tents with big screen TV’s, grills, and bars under them to simple tents and campers. Like I said, Michigan International Speedway is more than happy to help you create your style of race weekend fun. And there’s a ton of fun awaiting you at an MIS campsite.

Courtesy of Brian Hatcher
Courtesy of Brian Hatcher

Don’t forget that Michigan International Speedway also provides some great entertainment and events at the campgrounds, too! Movies, concerts, Bingo, magicians, face painting, a fitness program—anything you can think of, it's probably there. I encourage you to go to and check out everything about camping at MIS.

Then make plans to come join us for the August race weekend and enjoy the great outdoors that is Michigan International Speedway.​ Here are some things to keep in mind:

• Tickets: 2 for $99
• Camping starts at $130
• FREE Pit/Driver Introduction pass for everyone 12 and under!
• Kids half price on Sunday
• Saturday Post-Race Concert is FREE with a Sunday admission ticket

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