Most of the time when I watch a movie I have no interest in watching it again unless it was just stupendous.  Now my favorite movie of all time I can watch over and over again and that is Goodfellas with Joe Pesci, Robert Dinero, and Ray Liotta.

A good comedy may be worth another go-around if it can make you laugh out loud again. Now you may agree with me here.  I can watch the Vacation movies with Chevy Chase over and over, they are hilarious.  And who can watch "Caddyshack" only once, so funny and a classic

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Chevy chase of course you may remember from the early years on Saturday Night Live with John Belushi, Dan Ackroyd, Bill Murray, and the rest of the cast who were known as "The Not Ready For Prime Time Players.

Here is Where and When All The Fun Happens

So check this out, there is a special holiday season screening of a National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation at the Masonic Temple in Detroit.

According to National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation hits the big screen again Thursday, December 9th, and funny man Chevy Chase will be there, He will also host a Q&A following the screening. How fun, I would love to go to this.

Here Is How To Get Tickets

VIP tickets will be the best seats in the house, with an exclusive VIP experience. A photo with the Chevy is the intention of the VIP experience, but that could change on the state of the pandemic

For tickets and info go to

What would you ask Chevy Chase at this screening?

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