Yummy desserts and sweets, yes, please. Donuts and cookies are my favorites, and of course chocolate cake.  I have been missing sweets for the last 3 months because I have been eating healthy and I am down over 30 pounds.  Happy about that, but the hard part will be incorporating sweets back into my life within reason so I don't gain the weight back. Some desserts are better for you than others. I have learned cheesecake is one of the healthier ones. One slice is about 400 calories, which is not too bad.

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Dessert Delights in Lansing

If you are a dessert lover like I am, get ready for a party in your mouth with "The Everything Is Cheesecake" food truck.  Famous for dessert delights on Lansing's streets for years. Check it out, DeAnna Ray-Brown is doing it again with a brick and mortar location on the city's south side according to fox47news.com.

It was important to be on the south side. Like, I mean, this is who I am. I was born and raised on the side of town. My business started here. You know, it really developed here," said Ray-Brown. Years ago, when my mom was first starting, I would run when we were going out of the house, I would run to people's cars and give them their cheesecakes," she said, "and then we branched off that into getting a trailer.

Yasmeen Ludy
Yasmeen Ludy

If you are a Cheesecake lover, there will be plenty of new items menu. Things like chocolate chip cookies, milk, and fresh lemonade. I personally am hoping for Reese's Cheesecake and blueberry, my favorites.

When Does The Delicious Fun Start?

You can find it soon on Cedar Street just south of Jolly Road. It should be open by the end of the year. Get ready to enjoy.

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