I love Easter because, like many holidays, I get to spend time with my family. But it's not as intense as Christmas gatherings are, sometimes those can get to be a bit much.

Plus, Easter is a time when I get to enjoy one of my family's long-standing, fun traditions; an Easter egg hunt!

Easter Traditions

Sadly, I’ve been a bit too old for the kid's egg hunt for quite some time now. I'm even too adult for the "big kid" Easter egg hunt that my husband's family used to do for all the older kids (think less candy and more money). But, that's okay, because we adults have a new family tradition...


It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like...

Instead of hunting for brightly colored plastic eggs filled with candy (and sometimes a little cash), you hunt for beer or any other favorite beverage for that matter.

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Here's how it works: anyone who's 21 and older and who wants to participate brings a six-pack of beer. You can get all of one kind, or you can do what I like to do, and build your own six-pack. Then, someone who's not participating hides the bottles around the yard, and BOOM! Adult Easter egg hunt. Plus, you then use your empty six-pack holder as your "Easter basket" to put all the beers in.

Maybe beer isn't your thing, and that's totally cool. You could easily replicate this "hunt" with any other of your favorite drinks. So maybe you can't get enough of a certain pop or you're all about the various sparkling water flavors. That works. Just buy enough to share, and let the hunt begin.

If this sounds like a tradition you’d like to start, check out the video below, it gives some step-by-step instructions, and even some suggestions if you have some non-alcohol drinkers!


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