Every fall for 50 years, in the comic section of the newspaper, Charlie Brown would attempt to kick a football, with Lucy as the holder - and Lucy would yank it away. Why was Lucy so mean? Why did Charlie Brown keep going back, just to have Lucy do it all over again? A writer named Eric Schulmiller spent a lot of time trying to find out just how this all started. And, if you think Lucy was mean, you might be surprised to find out that Charlie Brown was no angel himself in all this. In fact, through the years, both said some pretty nasty things to each other on that field.

In the end, though, you'll have to decide for yourself - either Charlie Brown and Lucy were the great 50 year love story in "Peanuts", or Lucy just liked messing with Charlie Brown.

I prefer to think that they got married, let Linus live in their basement (he wasn't getting married with that whole "blanket" thing going on) and argue over the remote and thermostat every night.


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