There are so many things that make Michigan unique.

Unique Things About Michigan

We have heaps of natural beauty in the forms of our Great Lakes, our Sandy Dunes, our majestic waterfalls, and more. I mean, heck, our state is in two pieces, that in and of itself is pretty freaking cool.

But, there are other things that make our great state unique.

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Like this; I've got another "did you know" about Michigan that you can keep in your back pocket for that special trivia night.

Fun Facts About Michigan

Did you know...

...That Michigan is the only state in the whole country with a particular mode of transportation?

That mode of transportation is a chain ferry!

Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing
Kristen Matthews TSM Lansing

What is a chain ferry? It's basically exactly what it sounds like. There is a ferry, or small passenger barge, that navigates back and forth across the water by using a chain.

Where is the Only Chain Ferry in the United States?

Yes, we know this chain ferry is in Michigan, but where exactly? To find it, you'll want to head to the west side of the state to Saugatuck!

"The ferry in the resort town of Saugatuck is the only remaining chain-driven ferry in the country and it’s hand-propelled."

You read that right, hand-propelled, meaning an employee actually turns a crank to ferry people from shore to shore.

Ride the Saugatuck Chain Ferry

If you want to take a ride, you'll have to make sure you go during the summer season. The chain ferry is only open for certain hours from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Kids 2 and under are free, kids 3 - 10 are $1, and everyone 11 and above is $3.

Take a closer look at how it works in the video below.

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