I think The Dude would abide by this...

Tomorrow, March 6th, marks the 20th Anniversary of the cult classic, The Big Lebowski. The Big Lebowski is a movie about mistaken identity involving a laid-back, burnout who insists on being called The Dude and enjoys bowling with his friends. The case of mistaken identity leads to The Dude's rug being ruined and his quest to avenge his rug. Which, tied the whole room together, by the way.

If you want to celebrate the anniversary of The Big Lebowski in the best way possible, Spare Time Bowling Alley & Entertainment Center, along with the Capital City Film Festival, is hosting The Big Lebowski 20th Anniversary Bowl & View! You can view The Big Lebowski for free in Spare Time's Capital Room. And if you want to partake in some bowling during the movie, you can do that too! Ladies bowl free (because it happens to fall on Spare Time's usual Ladies Night), you just need to rent shoes. Men bowl for $10, show rental included!Spare Time will also have specials on White Russians (The Dude's drink of choice) and B. Nektar's "The Dude's Rug".

Get more info on tomorrow night's event, here

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