Last Saturday, three teenagers, two 16-year-olds and one 15-year-old, broke into the Canada's Wonderland - an amusement park near Toronto - and stole some candy out of one of the stores in the park. According to the Huffington Post, security called the cops and the cops showed up. With dogs and helicopters and infrared cameras. They got the kids and the cops got some training.

Some people think it was overkill.

When asked about weather it was appropriate, Constable Andy Pattenden answered, “Yeah, sure. Why not? The call didn’t come into us as three kids stealing candy, right?” he added. “It came in as a break-and-enter in progress.”

The kids didn't even get charged with anything. Just released to their parents.

Yeah - I laughed when I read that, too. We've all been there, in some way.


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