In a recent video, MLive asked people on the street to try to pronounce some of our most interesting city names. Michigan has such a rich Native American and French history that that's where a lot of the names derive from. But when it comes to pronouncing Michigan city names, what you see isn't always what you say...

There were a few people in the video who were Johnny-on-the-spot with some of the names and/or gave valiant efforts. Others stared to pick up on the interesting pronunciations as the city names continued. I'd have to say though that even as a born and raised Michigander, some of those city names had me stumped. But, overall, came out on top. Check out the video yourself and see if you can name all these cities!

P.S. I'd like to think I have a pretty keen eye... keep a look out at about 19 to 20 seconds into the video. There will be a tall guy with long hair standing between two ladies... I'm like 99.9 % sure that that's Michael David Hall, lead singer of the country group Levon.

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