It is has been a long winter and spring and summer are finally here. Many of us are getting ready to take that much-deserved summer vacation. Many families are also excited to spend time in their backyards by the pool, maybe a late-night spa in that new jacuzzi as well. How about a long bike ride when it cools off in the evening? Well, if you don't already have these toys they may prove tough to get these days.

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Hard To Find Summer Stuff

According to if your planning on family fun outdoors with Pools, hot tubs, and bikes, they are in high demand again this year because of the pandemic. Some stores are even having trouble keeping kiddie pools in stock. One Gentleman says he was able to get an above-ground swimming pool put in last summer, but it was hard to find someone to put it in, and when he did it was a lot of money.

Last June pool sales skyrocketed says Viscount Pools in Madison Heights, one of many stores that were very overwhelmed by the high demand.

Bob Zacharski, owner of Viscount Pools.Zacharski said the supply chains are a little slower than they were last year. The manufacturers and the vendors are having a difficult time fulfilling orders, purchase orders that we have written way back like last fall. So, right now we have a little bit of a waiting game,” Zacharski said

Bike Riding In Michigan

Ok, enough about water, let's move over to land. I hope you and your family have a nice bike. There are some folks who have been waiting for over a month for a bicycle,” said Mike O’Donnell, General Manager at D & D Bicycles in Westland.

If you are in the market for anything summer related you may want to get on the phone first before you waste gas and venture out.

I guess it will still be a while till we get completely back to normal, so in the meantime let's enjoy what we have, and just get outdoors and enjoy life.

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