Ladies and gentlemen of the State of Michigan, here is yet another reason to rejoice as the Phase's go up and the quarantine and "Stay At Home" orders slowly fade away into what we can only hope will eventually be a distant memory of days gone by...Actually I don't believe it'll ever be a distant memory, we certainly won't forget these days anytime soon, at least that is my opinion.

But, here is some truly exciting news for those of us, make that one heck of a lot of us who have found themselves with a rather sizable collection of cans and bottles in their basement, their garage, their pole barn, their living room. Okay I don't know about living room, but...

According to Fox 47, the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy says that we of the heavy loads of cans and bottles in the state can return them immediately.

We all thought we would have to wait until mid-month but that jut ain't so. It seems that businesses with the bottle and can return machines, actually called "Reverse Vending Machines" that you usually find in front of businesses where you make your returns or housed in a separate area of those businesses have to let you return your returns on or before June 15th.

But hold on a minute there, don't go running off with those huge full trash bags just yet. I was at the grocery earlier today and saw that this specific grocer was not accepting returns yet, at least at that time.

Remember the time line is on or before June 15th, so there is some wiggle room there for supermarkets and more. And some businesses may have restrictions. It's best to check first before loading up that big dump truck with all of your empties and heading to the store. Well, maybe not a dump truck but it feels that way, right?

Get more info here from Fox 47.

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