As concern over the spread of the virus continue, the insurance provider says it will cover the full cost of testing for its members.

The Detroit Free Press reported recently, individuals with a fully-insured health plan will be fully covered for COVID-19 testing that is "deemed medically necessary."

As panic ensues, major events like SXSW are cancelled and a simple cough has people worried, president and CEO of BCBSM Daniel J. Loepp points out the importance of keeping their members minds at ease.

“These are extraordinary times, and Blue Cross wants to do what we can to provide our members peace of mind during this national public health crisis," Loepp said in a news release.

BCBSM plans to fully cover the costs and also increase access to prescriptons and the 24-hour nurse hotline and telehealth, according to the Free Press.

“Having symptoms of coronavirus and waiting for test results to come back is hard enough," added Loepp. "Our members shouldn’t have to worry about paying their copays, too.”

To find out more about COVID-19, click here and please WASH YOUR DANG HANDS!

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