Was there ever a village named Bird, Michigan?

Bird was settled in 1866 in Oceana County's Leavitt Township. It's original name was “Bird Settlement” and by 1872, Bird had a post office.

Looking at a current satellite map, it's hard to fathom that there was once a community there, as the four corners are completely bare. But at one time, along with the post office, Bird supposedly had a blacksmith, church, doctor, hotel, two sawmills, and a thresher machine manufacturer.

Over the years, it appears that the history of Bird got meshed and mixed in with the history of Walkerville, just a mile north. I find it hard to believe that this little crossroads once called “Bird” had all those businesses. It would be more likely that they were in the closeby town of Walkerville.

One source says that Bird was once referred to as “Stetson” and changed its name to “Walkerville” around 1895. This seems unlikely if you study the maps that show “Bird P.O” just south of the Walkerville location...but Walkerville did NOT show up on maps until “Bird” was eliminated.

So I tend to believe that 'Bird' was nothing more than a little, short-lived postal stop community and Walkerville had the above-mentioned businesses. Any historians out there know more?

The Bird post office closed on Aug. 15, 1890 and was demolished years ago.

Take a look at the gallery below and see where 'Bird' once was.



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