What makes for a good university?

Is it the success and/or employability of its graduates? Is it the value of the education for the money? Is it the overall student experience that can be expected by those who attend there?

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Photo via Canva

The answer is yes - all of this, and more.

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The personal finance website WalletHub has released its list of the Best Universities in America for 2024, and several institutes of higher education in Michigan made the cut. You might be surprised where certain schools ended up ranking though.

How Were the Best Universities in America for 2024 Determined?

WalletHub tabulated a wide variety of data in their quest to determine the nation's best universities for 2024.

Student selectivity played a role - things such as the school's admission rate, standardized test scores, and the percentage of freshmen who were in the top ten percent of their graduating classes in high school.

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Tuition costs over four years were considered, as well as how much student loan debt the average student could expect to see.


The student-faculty ratio at each university was taken into account, along with its campus safety scores and its overall campus experience. Each university's graduation rate and the employability of its graduates was also considered.

How Did Michigan's Universities Fare as Compared to the Rest of the Country?

WalletHub crunched the data for more than 770 institutes of higher education across the United States. 21 Michigan colleges made the list, but only 7 of them made the Top 300 overall.

Best Universities in Michigan for 2024

Here are WalletHub's Best Universities in Michigan for 2024.

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