According to the Lansing State Journal, M-119, known as the "Tunnel of Trees", between Harbor Springs and Cross Village, has been picked as Michigan's "top fall color spot". And it looks like this weekend will be the peak for fall color up there.

I've never been there in the fall, but I've been on M-119 several times in the summer, usually on our way to eat at the Legs Inn restaurant. The Legs Inn closed down for the season earlier this week, but you can still make the drive and maybe stop at the Good Hart General Store.

A word of caution - if you don't like narrow, winding, slow roads, M-119 may not be for you, but it IS spectacular. In fact, it comes up in a lot of polls as one of the best drives anywhere, anytime in America. It follows the coastline of Lake Michigan for most of it's 20 miles and when you get to Cross Village, there are some spectacular views of the lake. And, there are some HUGE summer homes tucked into the woods along M-119. I've been told those were mostly (at least at some point) summer homes of Detroit auto executives.

Here's the story.


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