Where's the best place to live in Michigan?

OK. That's a loaded question. Everybody looks for different things when they're seeking the ideal place to live.

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Maybe for you it's the place that has the best public schools. Or maybe you want to live in a place where the cost of living is manageable, and jobs are plentiful.

Lucky for us, the website Niche crunched all the numbers so we didn't have to. They pored through all sorts of data to determine the 30 best counties to call home in Michigan.

How Were the Best 30 Counties to Call Home in Michigan Determined?

Niche looked at a variety of metrics and factors in determining Michigan's best counties to call home. There are a total of 83 counties to consider, so that's a lot of data.

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Niche looked at the quality of the public schools in each county - not just grades and test scores, but parent and teacher reviews as well.

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The availability and affordability of quality housing was considered, along with the county's job market and cost of living.

Niche looked at the diversity of the population in every Michigan county. They rated the weather, the nightlife, health and fitness opportunities and the outdoor activities.

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Every county's commute got a grade, as did its suitability for raising a family.

Surprising Findings Among Michigan 30 Best Counties to Call Home

All of Michigan's biggest metropolitan areas found themselves among the best 30 counties to live in, but so did many of the state's most rural counties. Several counties in the Upper Peninsula made the cut.

Who made it and who didn't? Take a look.

The 30 Best Counties to Call Home in Michigan

After crunching data on each Michigan county's public schools, nightlife, diversity, weather, housing, and a number of other metrics, Niche claims these are Michigan's 30 best counties to call home in 2024.

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