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Look, I have been considered a "germ phobe" most all of my life. I always say that I have been "germ aware". I don't wash my hands constantly, push doors open with my elbows or before their employees did, ever disinfected the handle on a shopping cart with a wipe. Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with people doing any of the aforementioned and if my kid was still young I would certainly disinfect that shopping cart handle.

However I do find it humorous that the things I've always done that some thought were part of a phobia like spending a few extra seconds at the sink washing my hands, has been adopted as "the norm" to help fight disease. Of late that would be the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

I have even said that the one curve that COVID-19 has certainly flattened is the one between those of us who were "germ aware" and those of us who were not.

I was out on the deck with my wife over the weekend and was using a cleaning spray on a table and I thought I had accidentally sprayed some very close to her drink, of which I alerted her. All was fine but imagine my shock today when found out from News 10 that people are actually...get this...actually using products like household cleaners and bleach to disinfect food and their skin, too.

Back to the "People, people, people...Stop!" portion of this article...this isn't anywhere close to being safe. In fact eating and drinking cleaning solutions could prove to be extremely harmful and even fatal.

I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life but hey trust me, if this "germ phobe" ain't doing this, you shouldn't either. Get more important info here from News 10.

And please, be safe out there.

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