We will be at the Whiskey Barrel Saloon on Friday night for the WITL Country Christmas Party - one of my favorite annual station events. There will be a lot of talking to listeners (hey, Banana - did you ever get a deer?) there will be live music from Austin Webb. And there will be line dancing. Someone will invariably ask, "Hey, do you line dance?" And I will say, "No, my wife does, but I don't." To prove that, I now present, for the first time in public, photos of me line-dancing. My lovely wife Michelle and I got married in 1988 in Fort Worth. Leading up to that, her family and friends threw us an engagement party. The photo below is Michelle and her friends Camille and Scott trying to teach me - again - how to line dance.

This is why I don't line dance. I'm the guy dressed like Marty Stuart on the left.

See ya at the Whiskey Barrel. I won't be line-dancing.