If you've done any driving outside of Michigan, you know our roads are not the best.

(I'll pause while you snort and go on a mini-rant about the roads)

Continuing. How will we repair the roads? Some have suggested higher gas taxes. That's not going to happen. A "pothole lottery" game, where the grand prize is a pothole full of Krugerrands? (Personally, that's my choice)

But, what if we turned some high traffic roads into toll roads? I-96? I-94? I-75? Those get some traffic every day. Cha-ching.  According to WXYZ-TV in Detroit, this idea has been floated out there before and Rep. Ann Bollin of Brighton is asking the state to think about it again. People pay to cross the Mackinac Bridge, so maybe they'd pay to get "up north" on 127 or 75. Then all that money could be used to repair the roads.

And none of it would go into paying off some other bills the state has. Right?

Wait. Do we just need a big yellow bridge across Michigan?

Super plan. Let's do it.

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