NASA's going to try it again. In March, NASA scheduled the first all-female space walk on the International Space Station. The two astronauts scheduled were Christina Koch (who was born in Grand Rapids) and Anne McClain. But there was only one medium-sized spacesuit available (there was another onboard, but it takes up to 12 hours to get one ready - so, NASA didn't plan ahead? I mean it's not like it's rocket....oh, I guess it is rocket science). That time the medium sized one went to Christina, who made the walk with male astronaut Nick Hague. This next walk will have Christina and Jessica Meir as partners.

According to The Verge, NASA now has two medium sized spacesuits onboard and ready to go for the walk on October 21st. The mission, like several others spacewalks scheduled (the next is Friday) will be to swap out aging nickel-hydrogen batteries on the ISS with newer lithium-ion ones. And just like trail cams in the fall, you'd hate to have the batteries go on your space station.

Good luck, ladies.

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