So, the Stay-At-Home order has been extended through May 15th and everyone is now required to wear a mask in public spaces that are enclosed, like department stores, grocery stores, etc. So have you been out since the mask order came out? Did you wear a mask or not?

The bigger question, did you see anyone not wearing a mask? I was actually out over the weekend at an enclosed public space and I was mask-compliant. In fact I asked a worker a question at this business and I was so mask-compliant that he couldn't understand what I said. But believe it or not, I saw quite a few people who were not mask-compliant and I was really surprised. Not judging here, just surprised. Most people that I saw were wearing masks though and some were even going as far as protecting themselves by wearing rubber gloves.

Here's another thing that I wonder if you're doing because as silly as it sounds, I'm doing it all the time. Do you go places now and look at everyone who is wearing a mask just to see if you recognize them or not? If you know them? Also, if you did recognize them would you walk up while practicing social distancing, mind you, and say "Hello"?

I don't think I would. I kind of get the impression that people who are wearing masks these days would rather not be recognized. Even by their friends because well, they're wearing a mask. What do you think?

Be safe out there my friend.

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