Do you think first impressions on a first date matter? I think they do. However, even if the first dates a total bust, I'll still go on a second date. First dates are always awkward because both of you are usually anxious.

Do you think you can really determine someone's personality on a first date? According to research from McGill University, you can accurately determine an individual's personality on a first date.

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The study asked 372 participants to take part in a speed-dating event. Not only did the participants have to fill out a questionnaire about their personality, but a close friend or family member also had to complete a questionnaire on the participant's personality. After each interaction, individual's had to rate their date's personality. On average, most people did see their date's personalities accurately. Co-author and PhD student in the Department of Psychology, Lauren Gazzard, explains why.

"Some people are open books whose distinctive personalities can be accurately perceived after a brief interaction, whereas others are harder to read. Strikingly, people who report higher well-being, self-esteem, and satisfaction with life tend to make the task easier."

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I've got a few funny stories. The best one was when I did a somersault and broke my clavicle playing with his roommates dog. You'd think I would've made a bad first impression but we ended up dating for awhile. I guess you can say, "I stuck the landing."

Caddy says he went on a first date with someone who didn't want to eat in front of him, so she ordered a salad. Plot twist, she actually brought food in her purse and kept going to the bathroom to eat her leftovers from the day before.

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