Playboy searched for the "weirdest themed bars" in America and found one in Kalamazoo. Michigan's contribution is The Kalamazoo Beer Exchange on East Water Street, in (you guessed it) Kalamazoo.

At the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange, prices of beer fluctuate just like companies on the stock market. The popular beers go up in price, the less popular ones get cheaper - and sometimes, the market crashes - so everybody gets cheap beers.

I call that great. Playboy thinks it's weird.

UPDATE: Good news - According to the State Journal, Lansing's getting a Beer Exchange this spring! Here's the story.

As for the other bars on the list - one is The Wreck Bar in Fort Lauderdale, which has portholes looking into the B Ocean Resort's pool. Everyday, mermaids put on a show at 6:30PM. You may have seen this bar and the mermaids in the movie, The Right Stuff. In Washington D.C., there's a bar called the Tilt Sidebar, which looks like the inside of a pinball machine - but HAS NO PINBALL MACHINES to play.

Now, THAT'S weird.

Here's the story. There's no nakedness.


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