Mike and Frank from the "American Pickers" TV show, showed up in Michigan on last night's new episode. And, according to the Detroit Free Press, they found some pretty cool stuff.

If you're a fan of the show, you know Mike and Frank love their motorcycles. On last night's episode, filmed last September on their latest swing through Michigan, the boys found racing motorcycles which once belonged to a guy named E.J. Potter. E.J.was a drag racer called the "Michigan Madman" back in the day. Probably because he did things like race motorcycles powered by V-8s and jet engines. They found a collector - Canton resident Clyde Hensley - who owns a lot of E.J. Potter memorabilia.

Did he sell Mike and Frank any of his stuff? I don't know - I went to bed before any of that happened. I'll find out when I get home today and watch the rest. If you missed it, this episode will be re-run next Monday night at 8PM


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