Now here's something I never, ever thought of. Not that I think of everything, mind you, but still...

What if you dropped your vehicle off at a repair shop and then soon after find out that the repair shop had shut down. Forever. Oh yeah, and at the present time you're not going to be able to retrieve your vehicle.

Insert your go-to bad words here: _______   _______  _______  _______  _______.

Well, according to News 10, that is what happened recently at a South Lansing Maaco.

Customers dropped off their vehicles. At some point an eviction notice was issued to the business, the business closed and the vehicles that were dropped off at the business were then locked inside.

Insert your go-to bad words here, again: _______   _______  _______  _______  _______.

Get more info on what went down here at the WILX News 10 website.

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