Through this whole pandemic I've still been able to purchase lottery tickets--online--for our little lottery group at work and I've also been purchasing my husband's lottery tickets online, too. I had never purchased lottery tickets online before this whole pandemic thing, so at first I wasn't completely sure how it worked. A couple of weeks into the whole online purchasing thing, one of my husband's tickets hit for a whopping $2. That's when I found out that if you buy your lottery tickets online, you actually get an email from the Michigan Lottery with the subject line, "Your winnings have arrived."

So, this morning when I woke up the first thing I did was check my email because last night's Mega Millions drawing was worth $410 MILLION DOLLARS. And, there it was, an email from the Michigan Lottery letting me know that "Your winnings have arrived." Now, if you play online and you've won anything before, you know that if you click on the email, it will immediately tell you how much you've won. So, there I was, expecting to win the big jackpot....and...

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Well, as it turns out, my husband won $10. Woo. Hoo.

Now, on to the REAL exciting news. According to the Michigan Lottery website, there were TWO tickets that were sold in Michigan for last night's Mega Millions drawing that are worth A MILLION DOLLARS EACH. Since people are still buying their lottery tickets online in Michigan, it only says "internet purchase" as the location of where those tickets were sold. So, if your neighbor suddenly starts making some big purchases, it was probably them. Also, there was one winning ticket that was sold in Arizona that matched all of the numbers to win the jackpot of $410 million dollars.

The winning numbers were 1-5-9-10-23 and the mega ball was 22. Good luck!

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