When this new ice cream shop comes to Grand Ledge, it'll be bringing more than just ice cream cones.

According to the Lansing State Journal, a "full-menu" Dairy Queen expects to open up in Grand Ledge next year. This "full-menu" Grill and Chill Dairy Queen is one of a total of three that a Fowlerville couple hopes to open in the Lansing area.

As a full-menu Dairy Queen, it plans to offer:

  • hamburgers
  • sandwiches
  • fries
  • salads
  • And of course, ice cream

While there are Dairy Queens in the Lansing area, this will be the first Grill and Chill. Al Shear, one of the owners, says that "construction could start in October. He hopes to open the restaurant sometime in January." To get more info on the new Grill and Chill Dairy Queen, click here.

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