General Motors announced that they would be relocating all 900 workers at their Grand Blanc Township Customer Care & Aftersales location.

The move came as a surprise to most people in the area, but GM officials say that the move has been in the works for a while now. The plan is to relocate most, if not all, of the 900 workers at the World Headquarters location. The workers will be moved to the GM Warren Technical Center. According to a statement from GM officials, the move is meant to, "Increase collaboration between GM workers."

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If there is any good news about this announcement, it's that GM has gone on record to say that no employees will be losing their job.

I know quite a few people what work at the CCA World Headquarters in Grand Blanc, and even though GM is promising not to let anyone go, the workers might not have a choice. The move to Warren probably sounds like no big deal on paper, but with the way things are right now, it will be tough for some people to make the move.

With kids still doing school work remotely in many cases, working parents are not always in the position to add an hour commute to their day. I have talked to a few of the people that work there about the move, and there is some uneasiness. Most are going to accept the transfer and see how things change over the summer.

I don't want to sound disparaging toward GM at all, they are just making a business decision. They have also shown a recommitment to Genesee County in recent years with the new plant in Burton. I just feel for the people that are forced with a tough decision in order to keep a good paying job in a time where most people are looking for work.


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