Tuesday night, at approximately 10 p.m., Jackson Animal Control was called to Andrew Avenue, near Jackson Crossing Mall, after Blackman-Leoni Township officers responded to a report of a "large snake in the middle of the road". (By the way, yes - I am humming, "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road" right now. Thanks for asking.)

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According to MLive.com, Jackson Animal Control didn't have to do much, as the Blackman-Leoni Township officers had already coaxed it off the road (how does one do that?) and put it in a dog carrier. The snake was reportedly between eight and nine-feet long. Apparently the snake (no name given) had BUSTED OUT A WINDOW in the owner's home (yikes!) and gone on a stroll (much like you'd see in a "Far Side" cartoon, I assume), while the owner was at work. When the owner arrived home, he was met by police, who warned him to control his python. Alas, like all teenagers, this one will crawl out that same window the next chance he (or she) gets.

According to Animal Control Officer Shawn Lutz, this is the biggest snake they've dealt with. However, Lutz claims, "we’ve also handled an alligator and an emu.”

And now I have that stupid insurance company jingle in my head.

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