It's a foregone conclusion that in varying degrees, the Coronavirus, COVID-19 has changed all of our lives. So many things that we had once taken for granted have now become things that are either not available to us, postponed...or maybe even never coming back again.

Here's one big change, at least for me. There was a time I would be out in public, usually at an airport and I'd see people walk by wearing masks. This was before the pandemic, mind you, and I would think, "Are they ok?". "Do I need to keep a pretty good distance because they're not feeling well, or because they think that I might give them something?". Now masks are so commonplace that if you're not wearing one you kind of get the eye from all of the people who are. I walked into the post office the other day and forgot to wear my mask. Boy, was I the odd guy out there. All of the mask wearers were looking at me like I had three heads...and none of them was wearing a mask.

So with all of the new things we are experiencing these days, it made me think about some of the things we are hearing and saying due to COVID-19. Now there's going to be a bunch of them, but I have come up with the 5 things I've either heard or said since the pandemic started. Here we go...

Here's another thing, kind of unrelated but still...have you realized how much you want touch you face? Like an itch or a eye rub or something like that and you have to stop yourself? Is all of this because they say you can't touch your face now that you subconciuosly want to do it more? I don't know but it can be a struggle. Just one more thing that has changed because of the Coronavirus.

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