Have you taken a selfie by one of these 5 giant foods in Michigan?

My name is Lauren and I have an obsession with oversized foods. Hear me out-- I love a good selfie! A quirky little factoid about me is that I collect selfies with big foods. It all started the first time I saw the Wienermobile. I mean, it’s a giant hot dog on wheels what’s not to love?! For years now, any time I see a comically large food item I must pull over and snap a selfie with it.

Not only am I thrilled to be back in my home state of Michigan, but imagine my excitement when I discovered a whole new cache of giant foods to take Insta-worthy selfies with. Even better, they’re right here in our own backyard! Here are five giant foods you can snap a selfie with TODAY.

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5 Oversized Foods You Can See in Michigan TODAY

1. Wienerlicious in Mackinaw City, MI

Dubbed the ‘World’s Largest Spray Foam Hot Dog’, the giant Koegel atop Wienerlicious was created by artist Ron Berman. Ron says the hot

dog weighs a little over 1.5 tons. Not only is Wienerlicious a great photo-op, but you can also grab a tasty lunch before heading over the Mackinac Bridge! Wienerlicious is open seven days a week.

Google Street View

2. Root Beer Barrel in Douglas, MI

The giant root beer barrel was originally built in 1952 in Flint and then relocated across the state to the Saugatuck/Douglas area. Yes, it’s made of real wood! It was restored and reopened in 2018 and is my favorite place to grab a snack after a long day at Oval Beach. Of course, they serve root beer on tap! Open Thursday - Sunday, noon to sunset.

Google Street View

3. New Era Potato Chip Silo in Portland, MI

The potato chip competition used to be fierce in the Detroit area! At the time, New Era was considered the “health-wise” potato chip. Originally painted in the early 50s, the silo is still standing today though the brand was eventually absorbed by Frito Lay. Find the silo seven miles west of the M-100 intersection.

Google Street View

4. King Kone Ice Cream Stand in Perry, MI

What’s better than getting an ice cream cone from a building shaped like an ice cream cone?! King Kone is a favorite among Perry residents. Use the drive-thru to take your ice cream to-go or eat at the picnic tables. King Kone is open daily 12:30-9:00 p.m.

Google Street View

5. World’s Former Largest Cherry Pie in Charlevoix, MI

Northern Michigan’s flex as the National Cherry Capital! This creation originally started as a giant edible cherry pie in 1976. Local inn owner Dave Phillips enlisted the residents and farmers of Charlevoix to help celebrate both the annual cherry festival and the nation's bicentennial. President Gerald R. Ford, unfortunately, sent his regrets and was unable to attend the festival. According to one Petoskey news source the pie weighed in at 17,420 pounds, a record at the time! There were no leftovers. The original pan and a fake slice of cherry pie are visible year-round.

Google Street View

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