Have you been working in bed since the pandemic started? You're not alone. According to Yahoo, a lot of us are working from our beds. In fact, we're pretty much spending a majority of our time in bed, causing people to upgrade their setup. Which is great news for the mattress industry after years of bankruptcies and store closures.

If you're working from your bed, here's some ways you can spruce up your bedroom work space!

Wash your sheets

Make sure you wash your sheets more often. Experts recommend washing your sheets weekly because your sheets can accumulate some pretty gross stuff. They recommend washing your sheets more often if you have allergies or asthma, go to sleep without showering, eat in bed or have pets sleeping in your bed. Since you're in bed more often cause you're working from it, your sheets probably need a little more attention.

Change up the lighting in your room

Replace your lamp or add some string lights! If you have trouble waking up, get a new alarm clock. The latest alarm clocks work with your circadian rhythm that imitate a sunrise. Or check out a Himalayan salt lamp. They have tons of benefits, like improving air quality and reducing stress.

Add some house plants

NBC says, adding plants to your house/work space helps regulate humidity and increases positivity. Adding plants to your environment relaxes you and can help reduce stress, which can help your everyday mood.

Get an adjustable base

They raise and lower parts of the mattress so you can sit up easier while working or binging your favorite shows. Those aren't the only benefits, Ghostbed says adjustable bases can help with insomnia, improve digestion, relieve back pain and so much more.

They say you should only use your bed for sleeping, but with everyone having to work from home, I say do whatever makes you happy! My name might as well be Sleeping Beauty because I'd never leave my bed if I didn't have to.

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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